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High Velocity Pet Blow Dryer

High Velocity Pet Blow Dryer

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- 2 heating temperature(Low/High),
- Adjustable hose for easy using.
- Come with 4 sizes of nozzles with different functions, meet you different using needs.
 - Adjustable wind speed. The min wind speed of 50m/s, the max wind speed is over 100m/s.
- The maximum blow force from winds outlet is more than 500G.
- The connection of the machine and the hose is specially designed so that the hose can be efficiently installed or detached.
- Protection is applied to the holding of the hose to prevent scalding.
- Small in size and lightweight. Easy to use.
- Ideal for drying your pet's fur, give you the power you need to quickly dry your critters after a bath.
- Perfect to use at home or even commercially.

Type: Pet Hair Dryer
Color: Pink
Voltage: 220V~240V
Function: Wind speed adjustable and temperature adjustable
Power: Max 2800W
Wind speed: 50M/S~100M/S
Temperature: Low Temperature around 40° C, High Temperature around 65° C
Plug: AU Plug
Weight: 4.3kg

Package Included:
1 x Pet Hair Dryer
1 x Flexible Hose
4 x Air nozzles

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