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Floofi Pet Hair Remover Lint Brush Blue PT-103-QQQ

Floofi Pet Hair Remover Lint Brush Blue PT-103-QQQ

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Floofi Pet Hair Remover Lint Brush Blue

Our fur buddies shed fur all day long, leaving us a couch terrorized by their fur army at the end of the day. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to lie in that nightmare! With a little assistance from our FLOOFI Pet Hair Remover - that's known to work wonders for removing fine fur, you'll be left with a cozy couch in no time!


  • Reuse And Reuse: Economical to your pockets, simply roll back and forth to pick up your pet's fur and empty its waste compartment once it is full to start over.
  • Light And Portable: Weighing at only 200 grams, you can easily squeeze this small pet fur lint roller into the corners of your backpack during your travels.
  • Pick Up Effortlessly: Made with lint rollers that are great at picking up fine hairs and furs, you can remove a significant amount of pet fur with its 19cm roller length.
  • Strong In Build: Corrosion and impact resistance, its ABS plastics body is strong and durable to withstand accidental falls and knocks.
  • A Wonderful Gift: Every pet owner with a furry baby is always in need of a pet fur lint roller. Put this simple gift in their hands and watch their eyes light up with gratitude.


  • Material: ABS + down pile making cloth
  • Dimension: 19 x 19 x 7cm
  • Colour: Blue
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