How to Fit


Rugs are usually sized in 3 inch increments. Our rugs are based on international sizing, very much like other brands. This means if another brand fits your horse, the same size will usually follow. For size comparison and measuring instructions, please refer to the chart below. Trendco horse rugs are designed to fit every horse. To ensure that your horse is comfortable and safe wearing our rugs, we follow strict and consistent designing and measuring standards throughout our fabrication process for all our different styles of rugs.

Horse measurement in feet (’) and inches (”)

4’10″ – 5’0″

5’1″ – 5’3″

5’4″ – 5’6″

5’7″ – 5’9″

5’10″ – 6′

6’1″ – 6’3″

6’3″ – 6’5″

6’6″ – 6’9

Horse measurement in feet (’) and inches (”)

147 cm – 153 cm

154 cm – 161 cm

162 cm – 168 cm

169 cm – 176 cm

177 cm – 184 cm

185 cm – 191 cm

192 cm – 197 cm

198 cm – 205 cm

Approximate (closest) size of horse Rug









To find out correct size of the rug or blanket for your horse, measure in a straight line from the center of the chest, where you would fit the first chest buckle, in a straight line along the side of the horse, along the belly and around the rear of the rump where the rug should finish as shown in the picture. Remember that a rug will fit well if the chest closure is fastened approximately at the centre of the chest and the top of the tail flap joins the top of the tail. As the horse rugs usually come at 3 inch intervals, if your horse measures 6’ you can get an idea whether you want to go for 6’ or 5’9” or 6’3” depending on factors such as your hors’s breed, weight, chest size, age and other characteristics. Horses with broad chest and big shoulder may need the next size up. Your horse may measure between two sizes choose the size you consider most appropriate.